Rules of the pack!

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Rules of the pack! Empty Rules of the pack!

Post by Moonfire on Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:18 am

•Stay active

•Role-play is alowed on the website or game.

•No douple posting, spaming, or any thing else that might get our pack locked.

•Take part in pack activities, which you might get a prize, moved up a rank, or become member of the month. (O.o)

•No swearing!

•Follow rules and Pack Central rules!

•If you have to leave the pack please PM me insted of posting it on the form.

•Lower ranking wolves are not chew toys! Even thought they are a lower rank that you, you still must respect them, because they might be stronger and braver than you.

•Use proper gramer. In sted of 'i' please type it 'I', or 'u' please type it 'you'.

•When you join please keep your wolf the same gender as you are. I know me and others would not like it if their mate was the same gender in real life as they were!

•Pups, or Apprentices are never to leave the Camp without a warrior or den guard!

•You can't join by PM!

NOTE:: Please note these rules are for everyone, & these also go for here two.

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