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Post by Talon on Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:28 am

This will be updated over time...

~Hunter's Beginning~
When Hunter was born, his mother died from Hunters not long after he was born. However, his dad, Blizzard, lived with him until an attack on their pack which meant Hunter was taken away by his human captives. Hunter was born with the red stripes on his back. He thinks it symbolizes his power and strength.

Hunter's Story These_chains_can__t_hold_me____by_ShadoWolfozo
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"I am here,
where I always know,
that what I see is my foe
I wish to be free of this fear.

But I am strong,
and I am skilled,
You will be killed,
because you can't hold me long.

My steel jaws,
will break through,
these iron bars and when I do,
you will fear the fury of my claws.

This places gives me hell,
I will be sure to be the one,
to tell about what they call fun,
to be nothing more then treating my unwell.

I will be free,
I am Hunter,
I am a Wolf!"

Hunter is a wolf that is tortured by what humans call 'Fun' he is locked in his cage with barely any food at all and freezing in the dark at night. Bad treatment has meant scars on his face and chest.

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